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The place

A cultural place of meeting and creation

A non-profit association, Le Baixu is a fully equipped multidisciplinary cultural space, installed in a former industrial premises of 150m2 and able to accommodate between 80 (seated) and 120 (standing) people, in the heart of the new trendy district of Tour et Taxis.

The name “Baixu” means “beautiful” in the language of the Pataxos Indians who live in the south of the State of Bahia in Brazil. A word that is intended to represent the ambition of the project and the quality of the cultural events presented, as well as the attachment to Brazilian culture of the initiators of the project.

The Baixu is a place to discover artists from all backgrounds and all styles.

In a hall with optimal acoustic and lighting conditions, it offers concerts for small bands of classical, jazz and world music, as well as art exhibitions, conferences and documentary film screenings.

The Baixu is also a meeting place between artists and children and teenagers, through creative and social workshops.

Social, racial, religious and gender diversity is one of the essential components of the Baixu project.

Culture is what allows us to know who we are and what we belong to. Marcel Gauchet