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The new season - 2023-2024
​Beautiful evenings in perspective!

Upcoming concerts

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december 2023


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The project
the place

Rue Picard 3, 1080, SHEDS, Tour & Taxis,

Brussels, Belgium

friends of baixu

Friends of Baixu


In September 2023, Baixu will celebrate its first anniversary.


This marvelous adventure, full of discoveries and encounters, each more exciting than the next - artists, audiences or people who give their hearts and souls to social projects - has continued to expand and diversify. Jazz, Brazilian, classical and world music concerts alternate there. More and more musicians, young talents or confirmed artists, come to perform there. Poetry performances, exhibitions, theater are to come. Several associations have undertaken to work with the Baixu to bring children and teenagers in difficulty to concerts or organize workshops there.


And the public will you say? It is there thanks to you, but also because the little Baixu is starting to make itself known as a place that counts on the place of Brussels!


Growing up requires support. So we thought it was time for him to bring together all those, loyal since day one or newcomers, who would like to support him and see him assert himself.


A “group of friends” which through this support will allow the Baixu to offer an ever richer program of music, performances, events, social workshops. To grow in short and to become an important place for the discovery of the artists of tomorrow and for the dynamism of the cultural life of Molenbeek and Brussels.


Of course, Friends can be treated and spoiled: discounts on concerts, events specially designed for them, participation in workshops, rental facilities, are only the first of the gestures that will consolidate this friendship.


So, if you like music, culture, Brussels, diversity and atypical places, join us!

FRIENDS of Baixu 23/24
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Rue Picard 3 , 1080 Brussels, Belgium

Phone: +32 475 361836

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Friday 3,   20.00


Darrifoucq Hermia Ceccaldi 

Manuel Hermia saxophone

Valentin Ceccaldi  - cello

Sylvain Darrifourcqdrums


Saturday 4 ,   20.00

Intergenerational Literary Cabaret

“ECOLOGY: what emergencies and what responsibilities?”

Bruno Georis and Young Actors


Tuesday 7,    20.00 * free admission

World music

Roda de Choro


Wednesday 8,   20.00


" The Other Side" - Sawt Trio  

Moufadhel Adhoum - oud

Jan Rzewski - sax

Samir Bendimered  - piano


Thursday 9,   20.00

World music


Angelo Moustapha - drums

Toine Thys - saxophones

Joel Rabesolo - guitar

Friday 10,    20.00

"Forum de la Création Musicale"


Ensemble Hopper CD 20 ans FCM Release  Polaroïds

Saturday 11,    20.00


Tribute to the great american jazz trumpter Chet Baker   
Marc Perrenoud - piano

David Enhco - trompette


Sunday 12 ,   16.00


"Chacun sa Danse"   Fragments Ensemble 

Simon Widart - flute
Pierre Feraux - piano
Virginie Petit - violin

Matthieu Widart - cello

Wednesday 15,    20.00

World music

"INTERIOR" Piano Solo  

Salomão Soares : piano

Thursday 16,   20;00

Landscape Magazine + Merkur 2


Henri Greindl - guitars, synth, electronics

Daniel Stokart - saxes, flutes, sound objects


Diego Higueras - electric guitar

Nicolas Draps - electric violin


Friday 17,   18.00 


Forró na Chinela


Saturday 18,   20.00


Piano Recital Chopin, Scriabin, Rachmaninoff


Irina  Lankova - piano

Sunday 19,     16.00

Children's Tale

"C'est comme une oiselle"

Carol Lwazo

Tuesday 21,    20.00

World music

Jam Session


Friday 24,    20.00 



Ana Rocha - voice

Nicolas Kummert - sax

Diederik Wissels - piano


Sunday 26,     11.00

Festive and joyful reading of the extracts from the book by Andréas Staikos

" Liaisons Culinaires "


Tuesday 28,    20.00

Jazz  & Mediterranean music


special guest FABRIZIO CASSOL

Georgi Dobrev  - kaval

Noé Clerc - accordion

Adèle Viret – cello

Zé Almeida – double bass

Diogo Alexandre – drums

Hamdi Jamoussi – percussion


Thursday 30,    20.00        


Pierre de Surgères Quatuor  

Pierre de Surgères - piano

Gert-Jan Dreessen - drums

Sylvain Debaisieux - tenor saxophone

Felix Zurstrassen - bass


Friday  1,   20.00

OVERSEAS  - Concert  caritatif pour GHETTO CLASSICS, Kenya

Sunday 3,   16.00


Quatuor Amôn "Neuer Frülhing"  

Clara Inglese – voice

Aymeric de Villoutreys - violin

Julien Poli - violin

Éva Pusker - violin

Anne-Gabrielle Lia-Aragnouet - cello


Tuesday  5,    20.00 *free admission

World music

Roda de Choro

Wednesday  6,    20.00 

Music  of  Greece ,  Romania , Bulgaria

Balkan Wednesday - Evening of St. Nicholas

Friday 8,   20.00


Soirée Kronos ’50 for the Future

With four quartets from the Brussels and Antwerp Conservatories.

Collaboration Bozar / Ars Musica / Chamber Music for Europe


 Sunday 10,   16.00


"Quel Frisson"

Fanny Bille - voice

Franklin Sagredo Martins- voice

Caroline James - piano


Thursday 14,   20.00


Quintet Gino Lattuca 

Gino Lattuca - trumpet

Fabrice Alleman - saxophone, compositions

Ivan Paduart - piano, compositions

Bart De Nolf - double bass

Mimi Verderame - drums

Friday 15,   18.00 


Forró na Chinela

Saturday 16, 20;00

"Mladen Band"

Gypsy Music from Bulgaria and the Balkans


Sunday 17,     

Family, Christmas

Les Chanteuses Anonymes Trio a Capella

15.00  WORKSHOPS for children from 8 years old and adults 


Clara Legros

Lydie Thonnard

Anne Bernard

The project

The Baixu was born from several desires: to provide a stage with optimal conditions for small classical, jazz or world music groups; allow young talents to make themselves known, to go on stage for the first time, to play with professionals, finally to give children and teenagers who have little or no access to Culture, whatever the reason, the opportunity to discover this wonderful world through creative projects, musical workshops, to come and attend concerts for free.

Many talented artists, musicians, painters, visual artists, actors do not have, or have very difficulty, access to known circuits to show or have their work heard, for lack of means, contacts and accessible places.


Brussels lacks small, well-equipped quality venues that can host shows and exhibitions, but which are also ready to be used as a rehearsal room or meeting place between artists and the public.


There are lots of children and young people in Brussels who are ignorant of what culture is and of the potential it might have for them to transform their lives.


The place

A cultural place of meeting and creation

A non-profit association, Le Baixu is a fully equipped multidisciplinary cultural space, installed in a former industrial premises of 150m2 and able to accommodate between 80 (seated) and 120 (standing) people, in the heart of the new trendy district of Tour et Taxis.

The name “Baixu” means “beautiful” in the language of the Pataxos Indians who live in the south of the State of Bahia in Brazil. A word that is intended to represent the ambition of the project and the quality of the cultural events presented, as well as the attachment to Brazilian culture of the initiators of the project.

The Baixu is a place to discover artists from all backgrounds and all styles.

In a hall with optimal acoustic and lighting conditions, it offers concerts for small bands of classical, jazz and world music, as well as art exhibitions, conferences and documentary film screenings.

The Baixu is also a meeting place between artists and children and teenagers, through creative and social workshops.

Social, racial, religious and gender diversity is one of the essential components of the Baixu project.

Culture is what allows us to know who we are and what we belong to. Marcel Gauchet