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The place

A cultural place of meeting and creation

A non-profit association, Le Baixu is a fully equipped multidisciplinary cultural space, installed in a former industrial premises of 150m2 and able to accommodate between 80 (seated) and 120 (standing) people, in the heart of the new trendy district of Tour et Taxis.

The name “Baixu” means “beautiful” in the language of the Pataxos Indians who live in the south of the State of Bahia in Brazil. A word that is intended to represent the ambition of the project and the quality of the cultural events presented, as well as the attachment to Brazilian culture of the initiators of the project.

The Baixu is a place to discover artists from all backgrounds and all styles.

In a hall with optimal acoustic and lighting conditions, it offers concerts for small bands of classical, jazz and world music, as well as art exhibitions, conferences and documentary film screenings.

The Baixu is also a meeting place between artists and children and teenagers, through creative and social workshops.

Social, racial, religious and gender diversity is one of the essential components of the Baixu project.

Culture is what allows us to know who we are and what we belong to. Marcel Gauchet

Room rental

The Baixu is finally a room available for private events - seminars, conferences or receptions - which can also offer a bar and technical assistance.

For all information, contact:

Renting Baixu also means actively participating in
cultural and social aspect of the project

The project

The Baixu was born from several desires: to provide a stage with optimal conditions for small classical, jazz or world music groups; allow young talents to make themselves known, to go on stage for the first time, to play with professionals, finally to give children and teenagers who have little or no access to Culture, whatever the reason, the opportunity to discover this wonderful world through creative projects, musical workshops, to come and attend concerts for free.


Many talented artists, musicians, painters, visual artists, actors do not have, or have very difficulty, access to known circuits to show or have their work heard, for lack of means, contacts and accessible places.


Brussels lacks small, well-equipped quality venues that can host shows and exhibitions, but which are also ready to be used as a rehearsal room or meeting place between artists and the public.


There are lots of children and young people in Brussels who are ignorant of what culture is and of the potential it might have for them to transform their lives.

JUNE 2024


Saturday 1 , 20.00

Trio de la Plata, Tango music and dance

Argentinean / Brazilian jazz 

Blas Rivera - saxophone , piano

Leonardo Sanchez - guitarra

Marie Francoise Maummy - accordéon

Cecilia Gonzalez, Giovanni Eredia - dance

Sunday 2,   17.00

Tango argentin

"Dominguero Tango Trio"


Tuesday 4,    20.00  free entrance


Roda de Choro

Henri Greindl

Thursday 6,   20.00


Jazz Guitar Duo 

Peter Hertmans  & Alain Pierre

Friday 7,  20.00 

Folk/ Jazz/ Soul

"I am a woman" - A tribute to women composers and poets from the 20th century to the present day 

Luisa Hänsel - vocals, compositions

Max Aznar battery

Margaux Vranken - piano

Théo Zipper - bass

Sunday 9,  18.00   


Michel Tasky Quartet

Michel Tasky - piano

Bia Stutz - clarinet

Marcos Della Rocha - drums, percussion 

Fernando Genari - guitar

Wednesday 12,   20.00

Classical music

Duo violon

Mélanie Pelé - violin

Elsa de Lacerda - violin

Thursday 13,  20.00



Thomas Grimmonprez - percussion

Wajdi Riahi - piano

Victor Foulon - bas

Friday 14  free entrance   


Examination of Jazz students - Conservatoire royal de Bruxelles 

1st Concert: 14.oo - 16.00

2nd Concert: 17.oo - 19.00

3rd Concert: 20.oo - 22.00


Sunday 16,  16.00

Live show for children

Toboggan Cassé

Arnaldo Prete - voice, guitar, percussion, sound effects

Louise Culot - set design and illustration, flute, backing vocals

Thursday 20,  20.00


Oscar Antolí & Milos Todorovski 

Milos Todorovski - accordéon
Oscar Antolí -
kaval, clarinet

Friday 21,  20.00 free entrance

French songs

Molenbeek Music Festival

"La Femme du Vent - tribute to Anne Sylvestre"  

Ariane Rousseau - vocals

Éric Bribosia - piano

Saturday 22,  20.00

Brazilian jazz

"A New Experience" - Adriano Trindade

Adriano Trindade - guitar, voice

Sunday 23  

10.00 Concert for babies from 0 to 3 years old



Molenbeek Music Festival - free entrance

Concert for babies and children aged 0 to 5


Joël Rabesolo & Damien Brassart

Tuesday 25, 20.00 free entrance

Jazz manouche

Jam Session Manouche

Friday 28,  20.00

Classical music

"Opéra et moi…émoi"

Agnès Paytour - harp

Primor Sluchin - harp

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